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Shop 1 : 7 Nguyen Thien Thuat

Ward. 2 - 3 District

Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Tel : +84.8 3835 0091

Shop 2 : 526 Dien Bien Phu

Ward. 11 - 10 District

Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam

Tel : +84.8 3938 1286

HP : +84.903.990020

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       Duc Ngan is specializing in the production of the following musical instruments :



mandolinecan.jpg MandolinHD.jpg  


CCA.jpg CeoCA.jpg CTLC.jpg CTLC2.jpg M12KT.jpg
MCA.jpg MCG.jpg MHDT.jpg MJumbTLC.jpg MlaTLC.jpg
MsuCA.jpg MsuHD.jpg MTLCP.jpg    



       National musical instruments :


Sixteen-chord zither

Đàn tranh


Đàn bầu

Vietnamese two-chord fiddle

Đàn c̣

Viol with resonance box with coconut

Đàn gáo

Two-chord lute

Đàn Sến

IMG_0536copycopy.jpg IMG_0504copycopy.jpg IMG_0519copycopy.jpg IMG_0516copycopy.jpg IMG_0527copycopy.jpg
IMG_0539copycopy.jpg IMG_0506copycopy.jpg IMG_0520copycopy.jpg IMG_0517copycopy.jpg IMG_0526copycopy.jpg
IMG_0534copycopy.jpg IMG_0508copycopy.jpg IMG_0521copycopy.jpg IMG_0516copycopy.jpg IMG_0527copycopycopy.jpg

Vietnamese two-chord guitar

Đàn Nguyệt

Chinese 4 chord lute

Đàn tỳ bà

Three-chord lute

Đàm tam

Four-chord lute with rectangular resonance box

Đàn đáy

A musical instrument similar to the xylophone

Đàn T'rung

IMG_0512copycopy.jpg IMG_0528copycopy.jpg tam.jpg day.jpg torung.jpg

 Short handle musical instrument

Đàn Đoan

Hu Violin

Đàn Hồ

Vietnamese five-chord guitar Vietnamese five-chord electric guitar


Cồng Chiêng

IMG_0523copycopycopy.jpg IMG_0518copycopy.jpg guitare.jpg guitare2.jpg congchieng.jpg



Two-carrier palanquin

Song Loan

sao.jpg songloan.jpg GUITARCONHAC.jpg GUITARDIEN.jpg GUITARDIEN2.jpg



       Decorative musical instruments :

           As a souveneir, 1 set / 10 musical instruments

30 cm 40-50 cm 40-50-70 cm
DANBO.jpg qualuuniem4050.jpg PHTO0003.jpg


       Woodblock prints : (As a souveneir)


2 Dogs Mitget Mickey 3 Dogs  Coconut-palm
376.jpg 378.jpg 380.jpg 381.jpg 382.jpg
Pretty Girl Moon 4 Horses Bird Bird Box
385.jpg 388.jpg 390.jpg 393.jpg 395.jpg
Hộp Rùa Fish Box Bird Box Bear Box Fish Box
405.jpg 407.jpg 408.jpg 409.jpg 410.jpg
Misa Box Rose Box Fish Box Frog Box  
411.jpg 412.jpg 415.jpg 416.jpg


       Special : inlay with mother-of-pearl, guarantee to bring to cold regions, suitable as souvenir


       Accept payment by cash or transfer through the bank, by credit cards in circulation at home and abroad.


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